A downloadable game for Windows

Take a trip into cyberspace and defend your mainframe!

Cyber: Matrix Frontier is a Tron-inspired retro arcade game for up to 4 players. Each player has to defend their frontier against dangerous discs, while at the same time, trying to penetrate the other players' defences.

Have fun!

Install instructions

Download the files and execute the .exe file within the folder.


1) Play the game using 2-4 controllers. Contact team Archon to borrow some if neccesary.

2) Cyber is originally designed to be played with 4 players, so it can be underwhelming when playing with less. Please consider this.

3) Cyber is designed to be played in 16:9 aspect ratio. It has not been optimized for other screen ratios yet, so play in 16:9 if possible. If that's not a possibilty, expect some layout bugs.

Thank you for playing Cyber: Matrix Frontier!


Cyber Windows build 2 12 MB